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At Killer Bee Guy we have amazing honey, honey butters, honey mustard’s and more!

Do you have a hive in southern AZ? We do bee removals!

Watch Us Wrangle Killer Bees!

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Our Classic Tee

Go here to choose and order from a variety of styles! 12 styles of tees, some hoodies, sweatshirts and even leggings! This link will take you to Spring to order.

NOW in 4 Colors!

Have a Hive? You need Professional Help!

If you have bees on your property in Southeastern Arizona, you need to get rid of them ASAP! Killer Bees are DANGEROUS!

Reed has more experience making your problem bees go away than anyone. Period.

Call Reed direct at 520-227-5429

Killer Bee Guy Reviews

Sue Taylor
December 9, 2022

Got my package today! Vanilla honey butter and regular honey. Amazing stuff! Love you guys!

Chuck Klobes
October 29, 2022

I consume a lot of honey from PNW, killer bee honey is the best tasting honey I have had. I will not buy any other honey from now on. It must be the dessert flowers that give it that great taste. I have bought gifts packs for friends, and they will only eat Killer Bee after trying it. Thank you Killer Bee’s for letting them rob your hives.

Skeeter Sedorcek
August 29, 2022

We love killer bee honey! I’ve bought honey as Christmas gifts! My whole family loves it! They said it was the best honey they ever had. Betty is the best, we loved listening to her stories and extensive knowledge about bees.

Jessica Davidson
June 18, 2022

Cutest little store. First time trying raw honey comb and ended up buying a block. If you’re in Bisbee highly recommend you make your way to this shop.

Nate Wooding
May 3, 2022

Awesome honey store, friendly staff and everything is super delicious.

Color Flow Creations
February 25, 2022

What an amazing little store. I don't even like honey that much but we left with 4 jars . The flavors were so good and the lady helping us was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. thanks!

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